High Gain Electric Guitar Amplifier

Inspired from its legendary role model which has set the industry standard for high gain amplifiers, Juicy 77 aims to become the definitive benchmark for crystal clear articulation, solid punch and singing sustain in the digital domain.
With separate preamplifier and power amplifier sections and a loudspeaker cabinet simulator section that includes seven classical cabinet types, Juicy77 modestly delivers instant gratification to musicians who are looking for the ultimate high gain experience.


  • Achieve blazing high gain without loosing sharp focus and dynamic punch at extreme gain levels.
  • Fine-tune the overall sound with the authentic tone stack which asymmetrically alters the harmonic content.


  • Accurately control the character from note to note according to how hard or soft you play.
  • Individually adjust preamplifier and power amplifier drive levels to achieve smooth transition from wild preamp bite to warm power amp saturation.

Flexible and Easy to Use

  • No complex drop down menus, no nested parameter screens, instantly dial in any sound from sparkling clean to gritty crunch to full on juicy saturation.
  • Precisely adjust the low-end punch with the unique “Thump” parameter.

System Requirements

  • Hardware:                 Intel® Pentium® 1.7 GHz and above or AMD® Athlon® 1800 and above
                                       128 MB RAM
                                       XVGA Video Card (High Color 1024x768)
                                       Low-latency Sound Card
  • Operating System:    Microsoft® Windows®
  • Software:                   VST 2.0 compliant Host Application


Version 2.0
Juicy77 is 100% freeware with no time limitation or any other limitations.

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