Three Channel Electric Guitar Preamplifier




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Tiny Trio is a flexible, compact and light-weight preamplifier with built-in power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator. It features three totally separate channels with individual four-band active EQ on each channel. The “cleany” channel is big, clean and glassy like 6L6 powered output stages. The “bluesy” channel is sweet and spongy like EL84 powered Class A output stages. And the “crunchy” channel is wild and juicy like EL34 powered output stages. Complete schematic diagram is available here.

            The power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator circuit is probably the most sophisticated analog design ever implemented. It approximates the frequency response of 4x12 cabinets with 30 watt vintage British speakers driven by pentode powered push-pull output stages. The frequency response of power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator circuit is shown in Figure 1.

         Figure 1.   Frequency Response of TinyTrio’s power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator


          The entire circuit fits into a tiny enclosure, which proved to be handy while performing live on stage or recording direct in studio.

Sound Samples: 

  • Cleany1        (Recorded direct by Burhan Kulle)

  • Bluesy1        (Recorded direct by Burhan Kulle)

  • Bluesy2        (Recorded direct by Burhan Kulle)

  • Bluesy3        (Recorded direct by Burhan Kulle)

  • Bluesy4        (Recorded direct by Taner Karakaya)

  • Crunchy1      (Recorded direct by Burhan Kulle)

  • A/B test        (Right channel: Crunchy direct - Left channel: British stack - 
                         Recorded by Burhan Kulle)


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